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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our translation services. Our translation services FAQ covers details on schedules, rates and additional information.

Translation involves preserving the original foreign text with its unique language characteristics intact, ensuring contextual accuracy. In contrast, transliteration focuses on rendering the text phonetically in another script or alphabet, prioritizing fidelity to the original words rather than maintaining contextual meaning.

Typically, each translator is expected to produce 2,000 words per day. In cases of urgent projects, we can allocate multiple translators to ensure timely completion according to your requirements. Our project managers oversee the process efficiently and ensure confirmation with you.

The cost of translation is determined by a per-word rate, which fluctuates depending on the source and target languages as well content type. Additional factors influencing the cost include necessary services like formatting, number of pages, and other requirements.

We provide translation services in more than 310 language pairs worldwide, leveraging a network of over 4500 translators. Most frequent languages include Asian and Indian languages.

We offer translation services across various industries including B2C and B2B professional services, gaming, medical, eLearning, manufacturing, public sector, and governmental institutions. If your specific industry isn’t listed on the form, please reach out to our Support Team. We’ll assist you in finding the best option that suits your needs.