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As a game producer, you have only one goal: to ensure great gaming experiences for end users. With many stakeholders involved, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is a complex process.QA/test managers always hope to reduce time-to-market while maintaining quality.Localization managers want more upstream visibility earlier in the process while they plan & manage translation across globe.Game producers have to balance time and budget constraints while delivering a quality experience to end users.Community managers have resource, language, and time issues.

Having a partner with game experience, global expertise, and insight into the entire production process can be an important—if not essential—element of your success.

We provide simplified solutions for :

  • (a) QA and Functional Testing
  • (b) Translation and Localization
  • (c) Game Dialogue Localization

LanguageTop also provides fast, context-accurate game content localization and localization testing (including platform, hardware, and software). With our linguistic expertise, and game production experience, we can be a valuable partner in developing, testing, releasing, and adapting your games. We’ll help you make deeper connections with customers globally.

Want a linguistic solution to expand your business globally ?