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IT & Software

In today’s market, you have to be the company whose products and services look and feel local, irrespective of the location. Everything works dependably, flawlessly. Companies and individual users have a good experience.

But there’s more. Marketing campaigns need to be highly local. Your website has to be spot-on and easy to find. You need to provide localized user support content.We provide tech leaders like you with services like:

  • Software localization and engineering : Whether your software is installed, SaaS, cloud-based or mobile, we optimize it through internationalization (i18n), translate it, and perform engineering tasks such build engineering and bug fixing.
  • Website localization and SEO : Firstly, we localize, engineer, and test your website. Then we assist in findingwith keyword research and localization as per the target regions in the local language.
  • User Support Translation :  We handle translation, desktop publishing (DTP), and production of digital and print manuals, training materials, online help, and user-generated content (UGC).
  • Global Digital Marketing : Our in-country experts handle market research, global social media strategy, international SEO/SEM, influencer marketing, and App Store Optimization (ASO). We also manage analytics that will help you stay top-of-mind with your customers.

Testing : We do linguistic and functional testing to eliminate bugs before you release. We also provide user experience (UX) testing to make sure users can successfully complete the tasks they need to.

Want a linguistic solution to expand your business globally ?